About This Blog

I don’t post about anime I haven’t seen. Period. So, rather than being a fully complete top 100 list, I intend to fit different shows (and movies) into the structure of this blog as I watch them. The current numbers beside each anime represent its rank among the anime I have watched and reviewed thus far. Since the numbers will shift over time, I have also included a grading system which should give an indication of where each show will fit into the hierarchy of my blog once it has been completed. In my rating system, animes with comparable letter rankings are similar in quality. Even if a show is in the top 40 right now, for example, if it has been awarded a C rank, it will remain in the bottom portion of the animes I have listed.

For this reason, as the ranking numbers change, the dates listed beside each post may not reflect its actual origin. All reviews are based on the English subtitle version of the anime, unless explicitly stated that I also watched the dub.

I hope that my reviews will be insightful and informative! My reviews are structured less to indicate why I gave the grade I did, but rather to discuss the implications of that grade on the scope and quality of the anime's watchability. If you like the work that I have done, please subscribe to my blog or share with your friends using one of the included links. If you have suggestions of anime for me to watch or anything else, please don't hesitate to leave me a comment or email.

I've tried to include an interesting compendium of anime works! Your feedback and support are vital to the continued success of my blog. One stipulation though: I don't watch anime that is still running. I just can't handle waiting for the next episode, and I prefer to enjoy my tv in a timely fashion, rather than waiting months to years for a series to terminate. Thanks and enjoy the read!